A new club is born…

From small discussions come bigger things…

In 2010, a small group of expats in Bali began discussing what could be done to help improve things in their communities in Bali. Rotary was identified as an organization that could provide a framework, resources and a wealth of relevant experience, but, there was no chapter in the Canggu area.

In late 2010, the group began to meet at Hotel Tugu in Canggu, with the goal of petitioning Rotary International for the formation of a Chapter in the Canggu area. Susi Johnston and Lucienne Anwar formed the core of the initiative, and with their wealth of contacts, began to gather a critical mass of like-minded individuals.

The group now meets weekly at Hotel Tugu. If you would like to become involved and help this initiative grow, join us. To learn more about our meeting and events, visit the Calendar page.

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