Our Interact Club (Bye Bye Plastic Bags)’s appeal for Nepal

Hi this is Melati and Isabel

A team is a team. That is what Bye Bye Plastic Bags believes in. One of our team members and supporters, Suman, a Nepalese student has cried out for help. So we help.


Now we are five days further and Bye Bye Plastic Bags was able to collect close to 10.000 USD.
With special support of Rotary Canggu and Canggu Club and you through many amazing incredible wonderful private donations. To ensure that everything runs smoothly Eko Riyanto, Nicola Hennigan and Roel Voorwald, three parents of the Bye Bye Plastic Bags team Bali decided to hand deliver goods and money themselves directly where it is needed. (They even pay their airfares privately).

What is the plan?
While our priority is still with Suman and his village Palchok (48 destroyed houses) in the district of Sindhupalchok. We also received the request of the head of the district to help the other 586 families in that same district.

Nepal_01 Nepal_02
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And we can as you were all so generous. So we will.
Our team will leave on Thursday (tomorrow) May 7 and will check in at the airport at 10.30. Please come and wave goodbye.

In Kathmandu Suman and his friends will wait at the airport to ensure a smooth arrival. We will use a part of your donations to buy the urgent needed food supplies. We will distribute 30 kilos of rice for nearly 600 families in the whole district. So, a total of 17’600 kilos of rice.
Trucks are organised (one ride will cost 100 USD including driver and petrol) to start the 3.5 hours drive to the village of Suman. Distribution will happen from there.
Special items like rain capes, tarpaulin, first aid kits, flashlights and water filters will be brought to Palchok from Bali.

Again, we do not want to nor can reach the whole of Nepal, nor get involved with disaster relief work. Bye Bye Plastic Bags just reaches out with some help to our friend and Bye Bye Plastic Bags supporter Suman and his village. Note the village has no other relief help so far.


Thank you for supporting us to help them.
The team will arrive back in Bali on Tuesday May 12 at 12.20 pm at Bali International Airport.
Then the whole story will be complete and in the meantime we will feed all news and updates through social media and e-mails.

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