Balawista Canggu Nippers Project

This project is all about developing water safety awareness and skills in Indonesian and local children in Canggu area.

It specifically will focus on 4-14 years old children who will participate in the programme, learning skills to keep them safe and educate them about the ocean. They will be involved in activities in and around the water, including swimming, board paddling, environmental awareness, surf safety and beach activities. It will also help develop confidence, self-awareness and build friendships.

Currently the Nippers programme is running in two separate locations, Kuta and Canggu, and regularly they receive over 100 children every Sunday morning.


Our Nippers programme for kids in the Canggu and surrounding areas started on Sunday 29.09.2013, and it is hoped that more children will join the programme as word spreads. We now have almost 100 kids registered.

After a break of 2 months during the raining season, Nippers Canggu is back on the beach in front of Batu Bolong 3 times a month. We conduct once a month pool session at the Segara Madu park. It is hoped with this initiative for the community there will be an increased number of children who can swim, increased beach safety awareness, environmental awareness and increase in the understanding of Balawisata and Lifeguarding in Bali. This in turn will provide locals with opportunities to gain their Bronze Certificate once they are 16 years of age thus providing them with employment opportunities in the future.

This Balawista Canggu Nippers Project is directed by Rotarian Aleksandra.

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