School Waste Management Project

To promote environmental education in schools around Canggu area, and to educate best practices for waste management to the students (3 Rs, Reduce; Reuse; Recycle).


With the help of ecoBali Recycling we make this possible. This is a matching grant project with the Rotary Club of Misbourne Matins UK.

The first school we started in March/April 2014 is SDN1 Canggu (National Elementary School 1 Canggu). There are 14 teachers with a total student number of 144. Before the programme the school did not have a proper rubbish collection system, they burned all types of rubbish including plastic.

Most important of this project is to implement waste segregation at source as well as install care for a cleaner environment in the school premises. We expect the students to understand a different way to handle and perceive waste, by using the new bins properly and separate rubbish according to categories. We hope the students will dispose waste in a responsible manner. The aim is no more burning of rubbish, and no litter in the school and surrounding areas.

Project leader is Rotarian Terry.

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