List of Projects: from 2018 to present

Our mission is to generate global good through local service in the greater Canggu community, focusing on education, kids and environment care; to build community; to lead by example; and to bond in mutual support.

Service above self
Building Wells in West Sumba

Western Sumba is generally deprived of access to potable water and access to water becomes particularly limited during the dry season from April to October. The Kodi Belagar area has a particular water issue as there are no hills in the area hence natural springs are nearly non-existent and people have to walk long distances to get to deep wells or spend money getting the water trucked in from deep bore wells or local rivers. Further the population in Kodi is the poorest on Sumba island and also the least educated.
This project aims to raise support for the construction of three hand-dug water wells in the Kodi Belagar area to provide potable water for around 1,000 people in need. The project timeline has been revised twice now due to CoVID-19 pandemic and the El Nino year which has brought heavy monsoon rains to the island. We hope to be able to start soon.
Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead in CA, USA has donated Rp.22,984,000 and Rotary Club of Wauchope in NSW, Australia has pledged AUD $4,900 through a District Grant.
We need fund as the project cost will be IDR 100 million, please support us.

Permaculture Project, Besakih Karangasem

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on Bali's economy, many have lost their job mainly in the tourism related industries. For the future the Balinese cannot avoid diversifying their economy and making it less dependent on tourism.
A sector of work that is still very important in Bali is agriculture. Unfortunately agriculture in Bali has become less and less sustainable since the 1970s with very small financial gain.
To help stop further degradation of the soil we need to educate the young people in modern permaculture of sustainable, organic farming. In addition to higher revenues for organic produce, a soil degradation can be prevented and also guarantee of a healthier diet for the population.
As part of our club’s broader CoVID-19 emergency response initiative to support communities affected by the pandemic, we have found a suitable piece of land in the north of Bali near Besakih, Pempatan, Rendang, Karangasem Regency.

CoVID-19 Food Care Programme

Rotary Canggu's fight against Covid 19: we have been busy since the start of the pandemic, initially supplying PPE to hospitals and clinics here on Bali but also Lombok and Sumba. Due to the knock on effect of zero tourist to Bali caused by the worldwide flight ban which has caused thousands to be laid off with no pay, benefits or support due to bureaucratic bungling, our focus has now switched to providing basic foods in the form of food bags to as many people as we can on the island. This will be ongoing until the situation stabilises.
The tireless efforts of our small team are a great testament to our members no nonsense approach and dedication to make a difference and get stuff done.
We received huge support and donation from RC Melville District 9465, RC Wauchope District 9650 as well as RAWCS (Rotary Overseas World Community Service). We also like to mention private donors, Nick & Jaclyn Norris, David Green, Lisa Perry and Pascal Steenbakkers of Bodywise Chiropractic.
Any generous support is always appreciated. Consider sending us a donation to the club account:

Rebuilding/Renovating a House in North Bali

To rebuild/renovate a home in the north of Bali, for an economically challenged family. With donations received from Rotary Club of Melville, WA and Rotary Club of Wauchope NSW, Australia, in July 2020 we were able to completely demonlish the old house and had the new house with kitchen and toilet area rebuilt. On 26.10.2020, we finally handed over the house in Gerokgak, Pemuteran to the family who needed most. Without the support and donations from Rotary Club of Melville and Rotary Club of Wauchope this project would have been possible. Special appreciation must be extended to Solemen Robert Epstone.
All the photos of this project
Engaging a local contractor/biulder

Rotary Disaster Response CoVID-19


Besides taking part in our District 3420 response to supply personal protective equipment to medical staff around Indonesia, our club together with the help of Rotary Club Mataram Lombok, has stepped up supplying additional items to hospitals in Bali and Lombok. We have delivered in total 500 pieces of suit with mask, 150 pairs of gloves and 150 pieces of face shield. Our appreciation goes to RC Wauchope District 9650 as well as RAWCS (Rotary Overseas World Community Service) for contributing in our fund for this project.
Hospitals benefited from this batch:
RS Universitas Udayana
RSU Propinsi NTB
RSU Mataram
RS Universitas Mataram
RSUD Lombok Utara.
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School Supplies for Lombok

2 major earthquakes hit Lombok in July and August of 2018. Many schools were completely destroyed. We started an education project to bring backpacks full of supplies to schools in Lombok. Cost of each backpack $10 we were very honoured to have Bonito Jewelry with a donation of 200 backpacks, for which our club were to match this amount. We have already collected AUD1,000 worth of school supplies through private donors. Distribution of books, writing materials and backpacks for school and recyclable material, in favor of the non-use of plastic, to more than 300 students among the three schools in the area hit by the tremendous earthquake in the north of the island of Lombok. During the meeting we wanted to highlight the more educational version of the project: the non-use of plastic to the students.

Rotarian Tricia, along with founder of Bonito Jewelry have delivered 352 backpacks filled with school supplies in March. Thanks to Rotarian Donna Greene for helping collect supplies from private donors. Also our heartfelt thanks to RC Melville Australia (District 9465) bringing so much more!
NW FURQON Bayan - 93 students
SDN 4 Tegal Maj - 145 students
SDN 5 Sigar Penjalin - 114 students

Rebuilding Lombok after the Earthquakes

The earthquakes of 2018 resulted around 80% of houses in north Lombok area completely damaged and people found nothing left after going back to what might be left of their homes. In addition to our District Disaster Relief effort, our club has also been rebuilding houses at a cost of IDR 2,500,000 each. We have already built 45 houses with donations from Sister Clubs (i.e. RC Wauchope District 9650, RC Redland Sunrise Inc. District 9630, RC Misbourne Matins District 1090, RC Zagreb Maksimir District 1913, RC Melville District 9465 with a contribution of AUD4,000) and private donors, e.g. Mr. Indraneel Datta of Boho Bingin Beach, our Rtn. Daphne, Rtn. Patricia and Rtn. Dr. Claus. Our Rotarian Lucienne Anhar of Tugu Hotels has built over 900 homes in Lombok. This project is on-going and with our recent Gala Dinner, we have more fund to build more houses.

Programme for Coffee & Cocoa Farmers

RCBC is proud to support sustainability, education and resilience, starting with cocoa and coffee farmers in Jembrana. The Climate Field School, started by Pererenan based, which stands for: Sustainability and Resilience Co. (, a young environmental think and do-tank based in Bali, Indonesia. They synergise climate change, energy and circular business. We will work with to give full support to local Balinese farmers access to clean energy and an education in climate-smart agriculture.  video click here

Our 1st Gala Fundraising Dinner

We have organised the first annual gala fundraising event on the evening of 30th March, 2019. The event was partially sponsored by Tugu and benefits the following projects:
Lombok rebuilding houses at a cost of IDR 2,500,000 (USD 170) each. The club has already built 45 houses with donations from Sister Clubs and private donors.
Education: bringing backpacks full of supplies to schools in Lombok with Lucienne Anhar and Bonito Jewellery. Cost of each backpack $10 goal to match Bonito donation of 200 backpacks. We have already collected AU$1,000 worth of school supplies through private donors.
Education sustainability - resilience - company along with the MET (meteorological) Dept of Indonesia - training cocoa and coffee farmers how to adapt to climate change. Also to become organically certified, and ship internationally.
All funds are 100% allocated for charity as per Rotary Rules and Guidelines.  Photos click here, and more photos

Salam Orphanage new toilets & bathrooms

Salam Orphanage in Tabanan is a school & home for children whose parents cannot afford to feed & clothe them. These parents are usually tenant farmers with other children are Bali’s poorest of the poor. This is a joint project with Rotary Club of Wauchope (District 9650), and has been ongoing for a number of years and continues to assist in funding, managing and physically completing the building projects. The recent work was done with visiting Rotarian Paul Pollett from RC Wauchope by building four new toilet and shower facilities attached to sleeping barracks and an additional septic tank. The previous toilets were old, unsanitary, dilapidated and some distance from the sleeping barracks which was a serious issue during the night time & during the raining season.   Photos click here

Nippers to Lifeguard Certification

Through Nikki's Melbourne Cup Event that was organised at the James Cook Sports Bar in November 2018, some fund was raised and was used to sponsor 2 teenagers from Canggu area to attend a 10-day Balawista Badung (Bali Surf Life Saving organisation) Lifeguard Certification Programme. They were from our previous Nippers Balawista Programme and we are so proud of Agus and Prema.  Photos click here